Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Well, here comes Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, Google’s third Google Experience phone. Will it slay the iPhone or just capture a bit more market for the Android name? On the surface, the Nexus’ specs beat the iPhone 4S in multiple categories.

Maybe you’ve heard, this will be the first phone to use Ice Cream Sandwich, the new Android OS. ICS supposedly will give users easier ways to multitask, customize home screens and offer deeper interactivity with new ways to share and communicate. One way is the included NFC technology. Users can bump their phones together and send videos and whatnot. Now when you say bump me, you won’t sound so weird.

So, specs. Start by gazing into the 4.65″ Super AMOLED display, showing off its 1280 x 720 resolution. Inside runs a 1.2GHz processor and 1GB Ram, while you can take pictures with the 5MP camera or video at 1080p resolution. All very cool. One rumored provider is Verizon and some versions will be LTE capable. Already you have a screen display, processor and memory that beat iPhone 4S.

As for usage, one big feature is the Face Unlock function. If you didn’t get it, it unlocks your phone with face recognition. That could come in handy most of the time. Except when you’re driving. More thought has been put into speeding up multitasking, making it easier to see recently used apps and getting rid of them is just a flick away.

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