The Ice Baller: Chill(ed) Spheres For Your Cocktail

When putting your whiskey on the rocks, it doesn’t feel right to sully the experience with cloudy, rectangular ice cubes, does it? Let your liquid flow with class over a giant ball of crystal clear ice via the Ice Baller ($55). Using a unique design that forces air bubbles and impurities out of the water as it freezes from top to bottom, this freezer friend needs a day to do its thing, but then you’re treated to a really pretty sphere of frozen agua. Now the big question is, will it also make whiskey balls?

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  1. of Iron & Oak

    These are pretty cool. I usually enjoy my whiskey neat, but had to to try drinking my Buffalo Trace with one of these the other day. Pretty good if you like your whiskey on the rocks.

    Also, I don’t think it’ll make whiskey balls. Whiskey doesn’t melt.

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