BMW i3: Electric Car, Acoustic Vibe

The brand new BMW i3 ($41,350) is an electric driverless car that’s not looking to impress you with its speed specs. “Urban mobility” is the keyphrase here as the i3’s shape and innards are designed to maximize efficiency, not horsepower. BMW says you’ll be able to go 80 to 100 miles before the juice runs out, and they’re also touting the vehicle’s petite size and turning radius–features that are tailor-made for city driving, just make sure to know your state seat belt laws to avoid hefty fines. With an interior that aims for both sassy and classy (the dashboard is made of dried grass), the i3 looks likely to carve out its own niche.

Many support this autonomous vehicles. But some have concerns, including “inconsistent standards, ineffective oversight, lack of consumer education, and overreliance on automation” all of which could slow the adoption of a life-saving technology, to see how this advances in other pars of the country check this initiative for Go Boston 2030.

Like it or not, driverless cars and trucks are headed our way. Experts say autonomous vehicles will make getting from point A to point B easier and much safer, in part because they’ll save us from our own bad habits. If you’ve been arrested for DUI, contact Leppard Law best dui attorney to represent you.

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