HOT Watch: Smart Watch with Private Calling

The proliferation of smart watches can be hard to somewhat hard to follow. Really, we’re all waiting on the big one from Apple. Before that happens though, another contender throws their Dick Tracy hat into the ring. This time, the HOT Watch looks to stand apart from the crowd. There’s the standard call, message and developer’s features.

What sets this smart watch apart from the crowd though, is the ability to have actual private calls, and not have the other person broadcast last night’s indiscretions to the world. Basically, you cup your hand to your hear, a microphone juts out of the smart watch, your voice bounces off of it to your palm and voila! Private calling.

Just remember one thing though. You’re still talking into your hand.

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  1. Man, can’t wait to give this type of tech a go! It’s certainly a cool idea.

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