The Tarantula 100 Tequila Review

Tarantula Tequila sent us two of their newly developed 100 proof, 100% pure agave tequila to review. Haven’t heard of them? Don’t worry, we haven’t either. Browsing their site, it seems that they have a Tarantula Azul, a blue agave tequila, and a Tarantula Strawberry, another blue agave tequila mixed with, you guessed it, a strawberry liqueur giving it a little bit of flavor.

Adding to their collection are two new versions, a reposado and a plata. These are the ones we’re reviewing and the ones that are being modeled by dog. If you’re a tequila novice like me, those two words, plata and reposado, probably flew over your head like a dissertation in quantum physics.

Plata or blanco tequila is basically a white, unaged tequila. The kind where you’ll be able to taste the natural sweetness.

A reposado, on the other hand, is a “rested and aged” tequila which gives it a balance of agave and wood flavor. Being aged in wood barrels is what also gives it its golden hue.

Don’t ask me what kind of barrels Tarantula used. Leave that up to the tequila snobs. We’re here to get drizzunk. People still say that, right?

So the three main things you’re probably wondering about this 100 proof (regular tequilas are around 80) spirit are: how does it taste, does it go down easy (like your sister, hey-o) and how fast can I get drunk off this?

To answer your question, I employed a few friends. Well, employed is probably the wrong choice of words. It was more like “shoved shots in their faces and told them to drink up, bitches.” A couple awkward stares later and it was on.


First up, reposado. This was the favorite among the tasters. While one said it tasted like burning, they did like the flavor and the fact that it went down easy. A couple more were drank to ensure an accurate review.


Next up, plata. While this didn’t have that burning sensation that let you know you’re still alive, it wasn’t as easy going down. This was not the one they preferred.

In short (shorter?), plata may be perfect for mixed drinks. It doesn’t have the aged flavor so most of the sugar from mixed drinks will help with the taste.

However, if you want more of a sippy drink or maybe even if you’re taking shots, you may want to try to reposado. It’s actually more of an all around drink.

In either case, both are perfect for a pre-party drink or a night of cocktails. If one of your concerns is “will this get me drunk?,” you don’t need to worry. It’s 100 proof. You’ll be seeing embarrassing pictures of yourself on Facebook in no time.

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  1. This shit is so nasty it ain’t even funny two shots and I was ready to puke

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