Spreadable Beer: Jelly Just Got Jacked

PB&Js were a tasty treat when you were 7, but now that you’re older you find yourself craving something more manly. Like, something that can’t be found in a jar of Goober Grape. How does a PB&B strike you? That last B stands for Beer. Emanuela Laurenzi of Alta Quota Brewery and Pietro Napoleone of Napoleone Chocolatiers in Cittareale have joined forces to create “spreadable beer”, and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. For $12.50 you can choose from ‘Omid Dark Ale’ if you’re looking for a darker, more robust flavor, or the ‘Greta Blond Ale’ for a lighter taste. Spread it on a bagel, a banana, or a girlfriend. Bottoms up.

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