Equus Bass 770: Pump Up With Some Independent Muscle

Muscle cars are as American as hot dog pie, but that doesn’t mean Ford and Chevy deserve to never get nudged by a plucky upstart. Filling that role today is Detroit-based manufacturer Equus and the Bass 770. We don’t think anyone at Equus would deny the heavy influence from the older Mustangs and Dodger Challengers, but the 770 isn’t trying to compete with those vehicles, it’s trying to define its own niche: luxury muscle. The supercharged aluminum V8 engine cranks out 640 hp, and those horses come in handy when you’re carrying a hefty 3,640 lbs around. Despite that heft, the Bass 770 is said to do 0 to 60 in just 3.4 seconds. Wondering why the Bass 770 starts at a cool $250,000? Perhaps it’s because of the handcrafted interior, filled with delicious leather and aluminum everywhere you look. Or maybe that’s just the going rate for a unique slice of hot dog pie these days.

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