PicoBrew Zymatic: Make Your Own Beer By The 4th Quarter

Camping out on your couch on football-filled Sunday afternoons doesn’t require much effort, and that’s the we like it. But what if you had the crazy notion of making your own beer for the game? Would you need to get that plan going days ahead of time to have it ready by kickoff? Probably. That’s what makes the PicoBrew Zymatic ($3,000) so enticing. It turns the art of home brewing into a process that takes only a few hours. Just fill the filter box with grain and hops, add water, pick your beer recipe, and then go watch the game. By the 4th quarter you’ll be ready to add the yeast, allow it to ferment, and then bring in the carbonation. It’s really the only kind of do-it-yourself project anyone should tackle on a Sunday.

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