Nokia Lumia 800, the “First Real Windows phone”

Nokia officially debuted the Lumia 800, dubbed the “first real Windows phone”. Since the iPhone’s introduction in 2007, Nokia has lost $88b in market value. With this sharp release, they hope to recapture that money $585 at a time (retail price of the Lumia 800). Once in sight, the Lumia 800’s color immediately pops out at you. Whether it’s black, cyan or pink, you likely will not find anything else like this on the market. You’ll want to coo over it and tuck it in a night. It’s that precious. Get past the snazzy color and you get a 3.7-inch Super AMOLED display, powered by a 1.4GHZ CPU. Onboard storage comes in at 16GB, along with 25GB of Skydrive space.

A matte finish prevents those pesky fingerprints (or what I like to call, “evidence”) from showing up. The dedicated camera button lets you click away to your delight, using the Carl Zeiss Tessar lens inside, capable of producing 8MP. One missing feature is a front facing camera. That means you still need a bathroom mirror to take those solo shots of yours.

When it comes to apps though, Windows Marketplace lags far behind, having only 1/10th of the iOS App Store. Nevertheless, get this beauty in enough hands and we’ll have a three way dogfight underway between iOS, Android and Windows.

For the euro-inclined, this will run €480. Rollout hits France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK in November. Later, it winds its way to Asia and hopefully, takes up residence stateside before too long.

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