Bonaverde Coffee Changers: All in One Roast, Grind and Brew Machine

“Fresh brewed coffee” isn’t nearly as fresh as it claims to be. There’s like, 136 steps a coffee bean has to take before it lands at a retailer and then inside your cup. Roasting green beans sounds OK if you’re talking about veggies, but if you’re talking about roasting green coffee beans in your own personal machine, well, that’s worth calling the newspaper for. Bonaverde Coffee Changers ($250) has an all-in-one machine that promises to roast, grind, and brew your beans, letting you bypass Starbucks and redefine what fresh coffee means. It’s a process Bonaverde claims will also make for happier farmers, and trust us, you do not wanna piss off a farmer (one word: pitchforks).

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