Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch 2.0: The 1st Complete Wearable?

Whether it’s the Pebble, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Qualcomm Toq, or any other number of new smartwatches, it seems each one always has (at least) one chink in its armor. But here comes this little Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch 2.0 ($249), and it appears to have just about every box checked. First off, the thing is actually a phone. Yes, you can make and receive calls on it. There’s a 720p camera on the side for photos and video, it’s got Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, there’s a slot for a SIM card slot, and wait… hold on… yes… we canfrim this… it has PONG! Or at least a Pong screensaver. Either way, when you have cutting edge 21st tech on your wrist and Pong, you’re doing something really right.

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