The Hesketh 24 Motorcycle

The famed Hesketh name from Britain returns with its first motorcycle in 30 years, the Hesketh 24. The ’24’ comes from the original F1 car of the same number that won the Grand Prix in 1975. Hesketh Racing had a short-lived, but evidently, wild existence, having “a growing reputation for their playboy style, arriving at races in Rolls-Royce cars, drinking champagne regardless of their results, and checking the entire team into five-star hotels.Not a surprise since Lord Hesketh founded the racing team in 1973 at the blissfully unaware age of 22.

The new cycle comes equipped with a robust 1950 cc 56 degree V-twin engine putting out around 120 bhp. Scottish and English flags emblazon the tail, paying tribute to the original F1 winning car. Only 24 bikes will see the light of day, so get yours and wait for the Rolls-Royces and champagne parties to follow.

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