The Temperfect Mug: No More Cold Coffee

Coffee never stays warm, only let’s-sue-McDonald’s-hot or funny-I-didn’t-order-iced-coffee cold. Along comes Logan Maxwell with a novel solution to keep coffee at a constant, belly-warming 140 degrees farenheit. The Temperfect mug relies on a third insulation layer (nestled in between the inside and outside layers) called “Material X”. Don’t worry, you can carry this “Material X” out in the open at the office (and not have to hide in the bathroom).

“Material X” absorbs excess heat, which turns it to a liquid, bringing the temperature of your coffee down. At that point, this mystery substance then turns back into a solid, whereby it releases heat, warming your coffee back up again. It’s a cycle. What is “Material X”? Sand. No, just joking, it’s not.

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