Go Undercover With These Tiny Dice-Like Cameras

Let’s pretend you’re some embedded FBI-type agent. But I’m really an accountant you say. Not for the next paragraph you’re not. How do you capture that mastermind criminal secretly loading his illicit shipment of goods? Not by waltzing into that warehouse holding an iPhone. Toss a few of these mini Polaroid C3 cameras ($99) on the ground and record that villain in HD video at a full 1280 x 720 resolution. If that evil genius swims, know the C3 is waterproof. The expandable micro SD slot holds up to 32 GB, in addition to the 2MB onboard storage. That’s enough recording time to get all the evidence you need.

Put in a purchase requisition for these and sell the benefits of high-def images and video in a tiny package, ensuring your cover won’t be blown. You’re a freakin’ accountant, the purchasing department will say. Your reply? Not for this mission I’m not.

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