Beyonce Also Wants To Ride These Surfboards

Ride it with my surfbort, surfbort, surfbort. Perfect song for Beyonce to sing while balancing on this custom Mercedes-Benz surfboard. The German auto maker built them for pro surfer Garrett McNamara to battle the waves at Praia do Norte in Portugal. See that pic below? That’s Praia do Norte last week. And McNamara went to ride those. Balls. Of. Steel.

Praia do Norte in Portugal Merceds-Benz Surfboard 02

Praia do Norte in Portugal Merceds-Benz Surfboard 01

Not only does this board look great, it comes with a telemetry system to track important stats. Stats like how many phone numbers McNamara gets, and oh, that’s the most important stat probably. No details on mass production, but if you ask nicely, McNamara might let you rest a finger on it. But only one.

Images Source: The Inertia

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