Subscription Meat Service Brings Boxes Of Meat To Your Doorstep

Come home to the missus, the dog and a large box of beef on the doorstep. AgLocal started off as a cooperation between farmers and Michelin chefs to meet and get a better understanding of the meats the chefs were using. Now, they want the consumer market. Meat on everyone’s doorstep! For $85-100 (about 4-5 pounds or 8-10 pounds), buyers get a box of meat from 4 different categories: “Family Style” for the home, “Grill Master” for bbqing, “Fit and Lean” for those wanting grass-fed and lean cuts of meat and “Farmer’s Pick” for offals and unusual cuts.

Each box also contains recipes and details on how the animals were raised. While it’s an iffy prospect having meat hanging out on someone’s front porch all afternoon, it could be great for those foodies out there.

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