Skylock: The Mother of All Bike Locks

Kryptonite locks are gonna look so quaint next to the Skylock, the end-all, be-all for bike locks. This thing doesn’t just lock your bike, it’s more like a bike concierge.

Skylock has crammed a plethora of features into a tiny 2.5 pound package. Check out the Bluetooth 4.0. Users can unlock/lock the Skylock from their smartphone, or have it unlock when they reach a certain distance from the Skylock. It features a crash detection sensor. Onboard accelerometers sense changes in speed and if there’s a sudden change, it’ll ask you, via app, if you’re ok. If a response isn’t received, it automatically dials out to responders and gives your location.

Skylock 02

Become the Uber of bikes and lend out your bike to verified users in the Skylock network. But what about solar panels? It has those too. Great for recharging the battery. If there’s not enough sun, hook it up to a power source with the onboard micro USB. Whaaat?

The Skylock still is in the crowdfunding stages with an anticipated ship date of Christmas 2014. Right now, early birds can get it for $160, a big discount off the expected retail price of $250.

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