Bultaco Rapitán and Rapitán Sport

Imagine getting frozen in 1983 like Encino Man and then coming back 30 years later to a whole new world. You’d be flummoxed, flabbergasted and floored by all the new technological developments in the past quarter century and how much the law about the use of helmets has changed. Spanish motorcyle manufacturer Bultaco might have experienced that, but they’re rolling with the times.

From the mid-50’s to 1983, Bultaco made racing motorcycles. Then, the market changed and Bultaco went away. Until now. They’ve resurrected the name and with it, two new electric bikes: the Rapitán and the Rapitán Sport. Electricity, it’s all the rage these days. Both come with 54-hp, a 90 mile ride on a full charge and top speeds of 90 mph. Check ’em out here.

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