Special Edition BMW Frozen Silver M3

To celebrate 40 years of the M3, BMW will release a special edition, M3 Competition Edition sporting Frozen Silver Metallic exterior paint. Only 40 will be shipped to the US. That means a few states will be “frozen” out, dropping to their knees and shouting “Noooo!!” to the car gods in the sky. Actually, BMW will be shipping these to the first 40 authorized BMW centers to become M Certified.

This beauty comes equipped with the same 414 hp V8 engine as the other M3s, but the 0-60 time drops from 4.7 seconds to 4.5. That decrease might be attributed to the lower ride (10mm lower than the standard M3), wider-offset wheels for enhanced stability and higher-threshold programming for the M Dynamic Mode. You’ll be riding on black M3 GTS 19-inch wheels complemented on the body with dark chrome exterior trim on the kidney grills, M side gills and the exhaust tips. Expect to drop $81,000+ for this special edition, BMW Frozen Silver M3. Or about 15,000 Baja Fresh burritos. But then, you can’t ride around on a tower of burritos. Yet…

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