Askinosie Chocolate

What do you get when a former defense attorney decides to change career paths? Why, a chocolatier, of course. According to the Missouri chocolatier, Askinosie Chocolate, second best just won’t do. Askinosie was the first small-batch, 100% traceable bean-to-bar boutique chocolatier in the US to import cocoa beans from the Philippines. They were the first small-batch chocolate factory to press their own cocoa butter. And they’re setting the standard for sourcing their cocoa beans directly from small farmers, paying them above Fair Trade prices while sharing 10% net profits. But most importantly, Askinosie chocolate is actually really good. Yeah for chocoholics, PMS’ing women, and caffeine addicts everywhere! Their sinfully decadent dark chocolate has an intense creamy coffee taste while their dark milk and fleur de sel bars are just as smooth, savory, and scrumptious. These tiny bites of heaven make perfect gifts as well, because the packaging is almost as impressive as the chocolate itself.

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