Hennessy: New Privilege NyX Collector Bottle

The outside may look a bit different, but inside you’ll still find the same rich cognac that you’ve come to expect from Hennessy, who has recently announced the second bottle in the brand’s Privilege Collection. The signature bottle is redesigned with translucent platinum glass and metallic purple. Inspired by the stars at night, this bottle screams class and elegance. The logos are etched in luminescent ink on the label, collar, and cork, and they are visible…get this….only under a black light. Hennessy Privilege NyX will be marked with a limited edition number of authenticity, as well as a flash code tag that can be scanned by smart phones to unlock access to Hennessy’s mobile hub. This mysterious new collector’s bottle will be available at fine US retailers in select markets for $45.99—$49.99 beginning December 1, 2011.

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