Ricoh CX6 Digital Camera

0.1 seconds. Now that’s fast. In fact, that’s about how fast the new Ricoh CX6 digital camera achieves autofocus with its high magnification 10.7x (28-300 mm) optical wide-angle zoom lens. The new model (available in black, silver or pink) is being marketed as a tool that you’ll want and need to use daily, and there are plenty of features to back this up.

The CX6 has a high-brightness LCD monitor that’s about 1.7 times brighter than the previous model for better outdoor use. For telephoto shooting, the zoom-assist monitor displays a small image on the LCD monitor, so you can check the framing of your shot before you shoot. The CX6 also has a super-resolution technology and a noise reduction function for high image quality, an aperture/shutter-speed priority (A/S) model for even greater shooting freedom, a movie release button for better movie shooting, and a “bleach bypass” for those who prefer more creative shoots.

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