Sony DEV-5 Digital Recording Binoculars

We’re not gonna beat around the bush here: These binoculars are made for stalking your hot neighbor. Sure, Sony might not come right out and say the DEV-5 is meant for such nefarious deeds, but they’ve got an image to uphold. We only have the truth as our compass. I mean, come on, they’re digital recording binoculars! With magnification of up to 20x total zoom (10x optical and 10x digital) and two Full HD sensors, it’s probably against the law to not use these to zoom in on hot chicks, hit record, and then watch that footage repeatedly throughout a lonely weekend. You can even capture 1920×1080 footage in 3D. For a cool $1,999 you also get the ability to shoot 7.1MP still photos, as well as a built-in GPS receiver. Sony says that makes them perfect for “birdwatching and star-gazing.” Nice one, Sony. That’s cute.

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