Bonobos Denim

If you’re thinking Bonobos is U2’s latest release, I’m sorry to disappoint. The maker of fine fitting men’s clothing just launched a new denim line. Sourced from North Carolina’s famed Cone Denim’s White Oak plant, these jeans follow the Bonobos playbook of a tailored waistline, premium material and straight leg or boot cut fits. Sorry, baggy rapper cut is not an option, although you can size up if necessary. Priced at $125, these jeans will compete in the lower end luxury jean market with brands such as Levi’s USA-made 501s which retail around $175 and L.A.’s Citizens of Humanity which runs about $150. Their philosophy on denim? With all the outrageously designed jeans out there, Bonobos aspires to design and sell denim that “doesn’t say so much”.

For those still unaware of Bonobos, head over to their website. Whether you’re looking to dress it up for the office, dress down for happy hour, or find a happy medium for the weekend’s festivities, Bonobos seems to have the styles for just about any occasion. Chinos to casual denim to luxurious corduroy, they’ve got. And that’s just pants. They also offer expanded selections in shoes, shirts and other accessories. But have no fear. Bonobos still plans to stick to their colorful and quirky design themes. With a quick glance of their blog, you can’t help but do a double take at their Paisley Chino. It will take one confident, bold and individualistic man to rock those trousers. Video about the jeans under the cut.

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