Foo Fighters: Back and Forth DVD

Sixteen years ago, Dave Grohl rose from the ashes of Nirvana and put together a little band called Foo Fighters. What started as a bunch of cassette tape demos has turned into one of the best and longest-running rock bands around. In June, they release Back and Forth, a documentary examining their rise from the beginning and culminating in the newest album, Wasting Light.

Produced by Nigel Sinclair (No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, The Last Play at Shea), the Foos gave director James Moll extensive access to archival footage and sitdown interviews. Dave Grohl’s reflection on drumming and fronting for two of the biggest rock bands, plus the conflict between ex-Foo Fighters William Goldsmith and Franz Stahl, should satisfy the fans. Don’t expect too much on Nirvana though as this is all about the Foo Fighters.

Pre-order the Back and Forth DVD or Blu-Ray here and check out the trailer below.

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