Loewe SoundVision

If you’re a minimalist, you’re gonna love the new Loewe SoundVision audio system. This sophisticated, all-in-one system delivers confounding sound seamlessly and wirelessly with six built-in speakers (two are integrated subwoofers). Use the 7.5 inch Multi Touch display or the Loewe Assist remote control to save your favorites in the system’s main menu to access them anytime from an FM radio, Internet radio, a CD, iPod, or iPhone. If you weren’t fortunate enough like me to be born with a chip in your head that lets you recognize songs titles, artists and lyrics at all times, you’ll be happy to hear that the Loewe also features an integrated music recognition service.

You can also send music directly from a mobile phone to the Loewe SoundVision via Bluetooth, and conversely, music can be sent from the Loewe SoundVision to your compatible Bluetooth headphones. And the SoundVision actually looks good too. It features a sleek aluminum silver or black housing to conceal the CD drive, and the side insets are interchangeable to suit your ever-changing moods. The Multi Touch display is encased in polished anodised aluminium, which enhances the system’s overall elegant, simplistic look. All of this from just one piece of aluminum. Now that’s minimalism at its best.

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