Madison Street Bike

From 30 feet away, you might see someone on the Madison Street bicycle and think they just came pedaling out of 1987. Get to within 10 feet, though, and you’ll wanna correct that guess. Get  within 3 feet, and you may very well experience unbridled bicycle lust. This bike, like all the others from Detroit Bicycle Company, is built to order by founder Steven Bock. One of Mr. Bock’s most persistent habits is to use only the finest parts he can find. This bicycle features beautiful copper-plated Campagnolo and Cinelli parts, track rims with Vittoria Zaffiro tires and a Brooks leather seat. It’s the kinda bicycle that you take quiet pride in because you know you’re riding on quality craftsmanship. And if people let out a little gasp when they take a closer look, hey, that’s fine, too.

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