Honda Motor Compo Electric Scooter

Don’t deny it. You’ve been green with envy ever since you first saw the commercials for those motorized carts for old people. “Why should gramps get all the fun of going 4.2 mph at the supermarket?!” you’ve angrily asked yourself, waving a tightly clenched fist in the air. Thankfully, in an effort to quell the rage against senior citizens, Honda is debuting a cool new electric scooter, so younger people can drive turtle-slow, too. Honda’s Motor Compo is a foldable, front-wheel drive vehicle that measures just under 3 feet in both length and height. It’s designed to fit easily into Honda’s ‘Micro Commuter’ concept vehicle, and it even features a handy handlebar with smartphone control–ya know, for when those drag races in the frozen foods aisle get too intense to take a hand off the wheel.

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