BAXTER X PORTER Grooming Implements

If you don’t own a grooming kit, shame on you. There’s nothing like a well-groomed man, and let’s face it…who wants to see random hairs flailing uncontrollably from your nose, ears or any other part of your body that doesn’t have  rippling muscles underneath it. And for the love of all that’s holy, please take some pride in your finger nails. Thankfully, the new Baxter x Porter Grooming Limited Edition Kit has the tools you need to get groomed, all included in an elegant, durable twill case. From stainless steel nail clippers to tweezers, this grooming case has all the grooming essentials, individually sharpened and tested for accuracy and effectiveness. No more excuses, men. Now you can stay nice and tidy all the time. Mom would be proud. Available at Baxter of California for $140.

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