Transit Issue Passport Folio

You know you have it somewhere. The question is where. In the safety deposit box? Stashed away in the suitcase you took on your trip to Europe? Perhaps it’s in your junk drawer smashed beneath the crazy glue, your gas lighter refill tube, some old batteries, your cigar cutter, a random golf ball, and the photo of her that’s torn in half. Maybe if you invested in a quality crafted folio, you would take better care of your passport. Check out the new Transit Passport Folio, crafted in Canada and made of 100% full grain aniline Italian leather. For $198, this leather folio features easy zipper closure and a small internal slip pocket that measures 9.75″ x 5.5″. So next time you plan to travel internationally, you can spend more time pre-gaming at the airport instead of digging for hours to find your passport.

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