Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD

There is a new king of the picture quality hill, and thy name is the Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD. If you need to see the whiskers on your local TV news anchorwoman’s face with stomach-churning clarity, this is the display you’ve been waiting for. This 60″ LCD LED  goes for about $4,500, and it’s currently the cat’s meow among hardcore videophiles. It features full-array LED backlighting with local dimming; 3D technology with active 3D glasses included; built-in wi-fi; and a 120Hz refresh rate. Colors are astoundingly accurate, black levels are blacker than the Grinch’s heart (pre-conversion), and its energy efficiency is impeccable. Although we imagine you’ll save lots of energy when you turn off the TV to avoid those whiskers. Eesh.

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