The Hundreds x Garbage Pail Kids Collection

Frigid Bridget and Itchy Richie. Remember them? No, they’re not the names of your “ex” and your roommate from college. But they are, in fact, the names of Garbage Pail Kids, the sick, twisted, and oh so fun trading cards from the awesome ‘80s. First came the special Hundreds/Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb T-shirt, and now the two names have joined forces again to create a collection of tees, crewnecks, caps, and key chains.  With this new collection, GPK fans will discover a new set of wonderfully inappropriate characters, inspired by Hundreds personnel. Some new names include Blobby Bobby, Burger Ben, Stinky Scotty and Trashy Ashley. Look for the new GPK’s at The Hundreds flagships, online, and authorized retailers on December 15th.

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  1. OMG!!! These are fantastic! I saw a link to these on GPK Underground’s forum. GPK artist Layron DeJarnette did the illustrations. Here’s a link to more of his GPK art:

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