Third Man 45 iPhone Case

The only place to find old-school vinyl records these days is in your parent’s attic, on grandpa’s turn table, or at your local garage sale. But now thanks to Griffin Techology and Third Man Records, we can enjoy the sound and smell (is that weird?) of the nostalgic wonder that is vinyl once again. The Third Man 45 iPhone Case protects your iPhone like other cases, but this one has a unique backing that will send you back in time. The back features an actual piece of a 7” vinyl record, custom fit into the casing with cutouts where needed, so you can still access all the necessary iPhone buttons. For $30, the Third Man 45 is now available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. To shake things up even more, Third Man is also offering additional inserts: The White Stripes on white vinyl, The Raconteurs on black, and The Dead Weather on yellow, each $20.

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