Bayan 7: iPod and iPhone Speaker Dock

The Bayan 7 gives new meaning to the phrase “feel the music”. With 8” bass, 2” mid-range drivers and 1” wide projection tweeters, not to mention its 120W power capability and twin amplifiers, the Bayan 7 delivers powerful, undistorted sound with deep, defined tones that you can literally feel (where you feel it depends on a few factors, but we’ll skip that conversation for now). Priced at $299, the Bayan 7 also features TDMA Noise Rejection, a technology that ensures you won’t experience interference from your mobile device. For those who prefer the couch to those long things connected to your hips that make you mobile – I think they’re called legs – there is indeed an IR remote control that will let you select tracks, manipulate play functions, and change the bass, treble, and volume with a few simple clicks. This all comes wrapped up in an Apple approved, certified partner meaning no random burning parts.

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  1. This looks truly amazing for the money. If it fits in with your decor, I think it would be a great addition to your home. Luckily, it does, so I will be getting one!

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