Klipsch Mode M40 Noise Canceling Headphones

It’s just your luck. You’re on the flight with the screaming baby, the woman who keeps coughing up a lung, and the snoring guy who could stand to lose a few dozen lbs. Now you can tune out all the noise and nonsense with the Klipsch Mode M40. These innovative, stylish noise canceling headphones from Klipsch include in-line microphone and volume controls. The ear cups are made of durable leather, and each earpiece comes equipped with a 40mm woofer. A 15mm tweeter delivers clear, concise high frequencies, and the noise cancellation technology is good for 45 hours with just one battery. Frequent flyers, world travelers, and mile high club members will be happy to learn that unlike most headphones, the M40’s work even without power for the ANC (active noise cancellation). So don’t sweat it if you forget extra batteries. M40 Headphones: $300. Silence, peace, and comfort: Priceless.

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