Hennessey 800-hp Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hennessey Performance (HPE) seems hellbent on creating a vehicle that can not only outrun an avalanche, but climb over the top of one too. The HPE800 Twin Turbo Jeep is based on the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, with the factory 6.4 L Hemi getting bumped to 7.0 L (426 cubic inches) while adding a twin turbo forced induction system. What you’re left with is a road-ravaging beast of a vehicle, capable of 805 hp and 823 lb-ft of torque. Yes, it’s a Jeep that does 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds.  The state-of-the-artness continues with an upgraded transmission system and torque converter, 15.1 inch Brembo brakes front and rear, a lowered sport suspension system, lighter alloy wheels, carbon fiber front splitter and a custom leather interior with Alcantara steering wheel. HPE is only conjuring up 24 of these monsters, and they’re going for $235,000 a pop.

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  1. holy shit that is ugly.. i dont care how may ponies they claim i wouldn’t even consider that a jeep…

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