Celebrate 2012: Win a Lacie 8GB CooKey USB Drive

Welcome to 2012. And to celebrate, all of us here at SFC are giving away the LaCie 8GB CooKey, a wicked sharp USB drive that provides ultimate protection, while its style gives you a reason to actually hang a USB drive on your keychain. It’s both rain- and scratch-resistant, so throwing your keys around every day won’t damage your precious info inside. The CooKey also comes with encryption software to hide those private pics and the LaCie PC/Mac® Lock software allows you to log on and off your computer simply by inserting the CooKey. All in all, a great way to store all the memories of a new year.

It’s easy to enter.

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Double your chances! Do both Facebook and Twitter and enter twice. You’re an eager beaver, aren’t you.

Remember, you must reside in the United States and be over 18 to enter. Contest ends on 1/16/2012 12am PST. Winner picked at random and will be notified by e-mail.

Thanks for reading our site. Check out more great products, writing and swag in 2012 from the staff here at SFC.

Update: Contest is closed and we are now verifying submissions. Winner will be notified by e-mail. Thanks everybody for entering!

Update #2: And the winner is…Sharold Frierich (@samf36). C’mon down and get ready to save all your evidence, err data, on this 8GB beauty. We’ll be contacting you by e-mail for your details. Everybody keep your eyes glued to the site for more great products and contests in the future.


  1. I like you on Facebook as Karen A Fields. I’m already excited about this site, because hey, cool giveaway, and you’ve got Louis CK on your header, so it’s got to be awesome.


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  6. Looks awesome, I’d love to test drive it! :)

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    This site is amazing & the USB key is to die for carry it around everywhere awesome!!

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    Well in your case, the name really says it all and I hereby declare myself a fan!

  10. stylish! I’d feel all sci-fi using these

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    • Tech’s one of our big sections. You’ll have quite the selection of laptops this year with ultrabooks coming out of your ears. Ha ha..

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  34. I love this one. I am always losing mine in my purse and I love that I can attach it to my keys.

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  49. i need this. hate clunky usb flash drives. got some super slim ones, never designed to fit on key ring, lose them all the time. great product.

  50. That is actually SO FREAKING COOL !

    I keep losing USB keys. Making one AS a key should stop that.

  51. I like So Freaking Cool on FB – Robin Trexel, I love your site and look forward to reading about other cool devices

  52. Sites are sites….it is cool, but nothing special…sorry ….I guess I lose…hehehehe Happy New Year all

    • Don’t worry, you still get entered, ha ha. What makes a site cool for you, and what sites get you coming back?

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  54. I like your page on fb and i think your site is pretty freaking cool! Love the gadgets, and even see some like these usb drives that i haven’t come across yet before. That’s a pretty big deal lol.

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    I wish that it had a cap though. I would be afraid that it would collect junk inside of it and ruin the usb.

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