Framed* 40-inch Digiframe

Bigger is better. It must be the motto of Framed*, a concept project imagining a 40-inch digital frame stretching three feet high and almost 2 feet across. So large the display consists of a 40″ Samsung LED, operating on Windows 7 and running off an Intel Core i5. The frame also contains a camera and microphone. This way, you can film yourself as you narrate your artwork or whatever one broadcasts on a 40″ picture frame. What, no shuffle mode? Anyway, ¬†you thought your girlfriend found your naked in the tub baby pics funny on a 3″ x 5″ photo or 7″ frame? How about when Grandma magnifies that pic 50 times and plasters it on her living room wall? Now, that’ll be a Christmas to remember.

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