Wilson Electronics’ Sleek 4G-V Signal Booster

You weren’t content to just see The Bourne Identity, no, you went and saw The Bourne Supremacy and 2/3 of the The Bourne Ultimatum, cuz that’s the kinda guy you are. You take things to other levels. If you wanna extend the same philosophy to your cell phone coverage, you’re gonna need to pick up Wilson Electronics’ Sleek 4G-V signal booster ($149.95). This little device boosts your Verizon’s 700MHz LTE signal along with 800MHz and 1900MHz frequencies for 3G and 2G, all while doing its thing from a car dock. Wilson says the Sleek’s antenna packs 20 times the punch of a typical cell phone, and that should be enough for you to continue this rampant rampage of machismo you seem so dead set on. Behold the 4G-V upcoming at CES 2012.

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