Liquipel: Caseless Waterproofing

Remember that time you let the Joker borrow your iPhone, and he got into that shootout with police before falling into a vat of acid, leaving his face a disfigured mess, and much more importantly, ruining your precious phone? Yeah, well, had Liquipel been around then, things would’ve been much different (except for the creation of an evil homicidal tyrant). Liquipel is caseless waterproofing for your phone. Bam, we said it. You send them your phone, pay them $59, and 1-2 days later you get it back with a clear nano coating of well, something, we’re not sure what. It looks like it really works, and leaves your touchscreen sensitivity fully intact (see video below). Maybe now you and Mr. J can patch things up.

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  1. Is the price $59 for a phone regardless of what type of phone it is?
    If there is a Zagg screen on it, should it be removed and put back on after being waterproofed?

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