James Bond 50th Anniversay Box Set on Blu-ray

Some of you may see this post and say “Oh neat! They’re finally putting all the James Bond films in one Blu-ray collection!” Everyone else, however, is pissed that they just lost $300. See, that’s what Bond 50 is gonna cost, and come on, no matter how many Bond DVDs or Blu-rays you have, let’s face it: you’re buying this thing. With 23 discs covering 22 films (one bonus disc full of extra content), and packaging sexier than Pussy Galore, any self-respecting movie lover is gonna find it impossible to lay off this box-o-Blu. Note: Amazon has it up for pre-order at $199, so you can use the other $100 to pay someone to take the Timothy Dalton & Pierce Brosnan films off your hands.


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