SFC Goes to CES

So Freaking Cool went to CES 2012 to scour the showroom floor for products that caught their eye. Unfortunately, that was almost every product there. So, instead of shooting every single thing, here are just a few for Wednesday. Also unfortunately, HP didn’t have a booth to show off the HP Envy Spectre.

Regardless, check out the gallery below. The first thing that caught the eye was the amazingly thin LG led panels. I got a paper cut just looking at them.

Then there’s the MotoActv which is much smaller than expected. It isn’t ugly at all and with the new update, it should be able to last you an entire marathon.

After a pit stop for flavored air at the oxygen bar, we headed over to the Samsung booth where there was the Galaxy Nexus, caricatures being done on Galaxy Notes, Series 8 tvs and a Kinect-like experience tv where you could control the tv using hand gestures.

They also had a special edition Series 9 laptop.

Afterward, it was on to the automotive section where the beautiful Audi A8 was on display. This is no doubt one of the ultimate luxury cars. You could buy this instead of a house and be comfortable living in it.

Some extras in the gallery below and more coverage to come.

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