Tourbillon #1 by Hajime Asaoka

What price do you put on style? Japanese watchmaker Hajime Asaoka puts exactly 6,825,000 Yen on it, at least when it comes to his tantalizingly timepiece, the Tourbillon #1 by Hajime Asaoka. This hand-crafted watch is made of steel, with raw masculine craftsmanship shining from every angle. It’s a thick watch at 14.80mm, but this one isn’t meant for thin-wristed pencil pushers (like me)… no. This watch is meant for globetrotting, martini-sipping, deal-making dudes with Hulk hands–the kind that can lift $87,500 out of their wallets to pay for it. Watch the HQ vid after the jump for more details, all set to cool jazzy music.

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