SFC Goes to CES on Thursday

Thursday was another day of scouring the CES showroom floor for something awesome. Sadly, the day started late and we ended up in the Venetian for a while which was the [email protected] show consisting mostly of camera tripods, bags and other accessories. Though it wasn’t all remote triggers and Lensbabies. We stumbled on the Italian made Android smart watch, otherwise know as the i’m Watch otherwise known as the Dick Tracy watch. Interestingly enough, it could communicate with an iPhone. Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave.

Then we headed to the CES Innovation Awards section showing off the future of technology. The first thing that stood out was Reality Design’s SonicBlade speakers, the world’s first glass plinth speaker.

Naturally, the Lytro camera was showcased. For those of you who don’t know, the Lytro is a new way to take pictures. It’s a light field camera with the ability to change depth of field even after you’ve taken your photo. Terrible photographer? Not anymore.

We then headed to the main showroom floor again. Sitting outside the hall was an NVIDIA… Lambo? I asked them if I could set it up in a SLI configuration but they just looked at me funny.

Inside, Samsung was promoting their Galaxy Note, a mammoth 5.3” Super AMOLED phone, with artists doing caricatures using a stylus on the phone itself. As you can see, the drawings turned out real well.

I’m surprised she didn’t draw a rice hat on that picture. She might as well have gone all the way.

Looking at the wireless Sennheiser headphones makes me realize just how badly I need one. No more tripping over cords in the dark trying to get to the tissues on lonely Friday nights!

Check out the gallery for a few extra photos.

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