BMW M Bike Carbon Racer

When it comes to power and style, BMW’s M class cars, including the M3 and M5, consistently rank at the top. Now, BMW’s M Performance Division turns its attention to racing bikes. The BMW M Bike Carbon Racer features the M’s stylish design with its typical red color accented on the bike’s rims, handlebar grips and saddle. The anthracite carbon frame is both light and stiff, better able to absorb shocks and resist corrosion. BMW has developed all frames itself, ignoring the mass-produced frames that lack the performance and design of BMW’s M class.

Riders can race comfortably on the fi’zi:k Tundra 2 saddle and its Shimano Ultegra Gears. Utilizing the Shimano Ultegra brake/shift levers enables quick gearshifts even under full load; the range of gear ratios makes this bike just as suitable for rides on level ground as for demanding ascents. The BMW M Bike Carbon Racer retails for approximately $4000 and is available at the BMW Shop.

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