Wireless Gas Fireplace by Escea

Fire has been around since, what, at least 1940, right? But not until now, has a new innovation emerged concerning the rapid oxidation of material in the chemical process of combustion. The Escea IB600 is a gas fireplace that seamlessly slides into your brick chimney or wood fire. It looks gorgeous, but most importantly – and here’s that innovation we were mentioning a moment ago – you can start the fire with your cellphone! Yes! This fireplace includes a wireless control, thermostat, programmable timer, three speed fan, and i-con remote switching is available, so you can light it up with your phone or online application. The IB600 has 7.5KW of heat output, and an efficiency rating of 75%. Is that good? We have no idea! But again, this fireplace can be ignited from your phone.

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