Powertrekk: Water-powered Charger

Water: It’s not just for getting wet anymore. That’s right, add charging up your smartphone to the list. What? Yup, the Powertrekk portable water-powered charger converts hydrogen into electricity by some process that we’d understand if we didn’t flunk Chemistry three times before being forced to sleep with the teacher to pass the class. That Mr. Thompson sure drove a hard, um, bargain. The pricing for this ingenious invention works like this: $230 for the Powertrekk charging unit itself, and $12 per “fuel puck” 3-pack, which the charger needs to do its thing. You do realize what this means, don’t you? Pack the Powertrekk and cover your iPhone with this waterproof skin we told you about recently and you can literally swim in that retention pond down the street for days without losing your charge.

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