Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring 2012

With the approach of Valentine’s Day, we continue our ongoing series “Famous Bachelors Who Proved They Didn’t Need No Broad.” Today we look at Levi Strauss, who never married during his 73 years on this planet, the last day of which was September 26, 1902. We salute you, Mr. Strauss, and we offer in return this plug for your Spring 2012 line of vintage clothing. Peep the two new washes of the 1955 501 jeans, “Fallen Down” and “Faded Memory”. They carry an “anti-fit” seat area with a slightly fuller cut in the legs. Legs, which, by the way, were never cut out from under him by some conniving dame. Atta boy, Levi.

Check Levi’s stockists for this selvedge denim and other new releases from Levi’s Spring Vintage line.

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