The Uno III

And you thought Transformers was just a movie? Think again. Consider next year’s arrival of the BPG Motors’s Uno III as the next step in personal transportation. The dicycle (a vehicle with two wheels side by side) alternates between an upright, urban Segway-like transporter and a scooter class vehicle.┬áThe bike runs on electricity, has zero emissions and charges in 3-4 hours. Choose between two modes: Uno mode and motorcycle mode.

In Uno mode, the bike rests in an upright position and its conventional motorcycle handle bars, accelerator and hand brakes control movement. Its active tilt technology enables you to adjust the lean of the bike, bank left or right and maneuver uneven ground. How does it do this? Mice. Lots of genetically engineered mice. Oh, and gyroscopic controls.

Once you head out onto the streets, initiate motorcycle mode. Those two back wheels close in and extend out behind your seat. At the same time, a third wheel deploys out and under the handlebars. Drives just like a motorcycle and tops out at 35 mph. Refundable $200 deposits are currently accepted and expect retail price to be $5,000 to $7,500.

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