Zombie Bedding

Most of us love a good scare–that eerie, disturbing feeling we often seek out in movie theaters for 2 hours on a Friday night. But what if you want that horrific imagery to be there every day of your life? The Horror Zombie Bedding collection ($35) from Etsy seller Melissa Christie accomplishes that…in a big way. With gory hands and arms grasping for your bare feet all night, you’ll be sure to get at least 2-3 hours of quality sleep. And for you single guys who think you’re hot stuff with the ladies, if you can still score when your date sees the bloody pillow case set… man, we bow down to your game.


  1. lol. just cover it.

  2. how do i buy this?

  3. Just perfect,now have your mommy tuck you in,after a long night of ingesting bath salts.

  4. I want this!!!

  5. Please I need to order the zombie sheets !!! It’s a gift please let me know when I can order

  6. I LOVE IT! I’m a girl and i would happily bed a guy with those sheets. NOW SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  7. I must have these!!!!!

  8. But they’d be so easy 2 make yourself! Because it’s all sold out I didn’t see a price but all you need is sheets & acyclic or fabric paint. Easy people!

  9. Kapil dadhich

    Ya very likley images

  10. Charlotte villa

    I am scared of zombies very much!! My brother did me in as a kid,
    But I have lots of friends and family who Love to buy this bed sheets!!!
    Please let me know when can buy thanks!!!!

  11. Katherine Sturgill

    This is just Fab… My Boys Who Are 8-10 Want Me To Ask Santa For ..lol Hate That It’s Been Shown But Can’t Buy… So Not Cool.. If Any More Info is Available For Purchase Would Luv To Be Contacted…

  12. Elegant Capes by Dallas

    Easy to make maybe – time consuming tomake…YOU BET! $35 bucks?
    You could charge WAY more for these and they would be darn well worth it!!

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